Frances has pursued an international career at the forefront of contemporary vocal music, specialising in Music-Theatre, Electronic Music, Opera, and Chamber Music.
However, she is also a celebrated performer of more established works, a testament to her incredible adaptability. The resulting, wide-ranging repertoire, includes music from Monteverdi to Mozart, through Holst and Schoenberg to Kurtag, Cage, Taverner and more.
She has also sung a great deal of Scottish Traditional, Pop and Rock music in both recording and live situations and has even performed with art exhibitions, including one by Tracey Emin.
During her diverse career she has worked closely with many composers, including:
Berio, Kagel, Weir, Finnissy, Viñao, Lovett, Azquime, Hoyland, Soveral, Wimhurst and Wallen.... read more

Full Repertoire list here


As a composer Frances has written a great many works for choirs, music theatre, art exhibitions, plays and commercial recordings. This includes “Stella Maris” (Phelim Roland) for a large scale community play staged in front of The Victory in Portsmouth Harbour, with Solent People’s Theatre; “Shades of Earth” and “Colour Pulse 5” for mixed voices and electronics for Colourscape Festival, “The Emperor and the Nightingale” a children’s opera for Big Mouth Piano Tales; and Tailgneachd nam Ban Bhuidseach (The Witches' Prophecy) for Còisir Lunnainn (The London Gaelic Choir), “Harmony Squared” to accompany The Great Tapestry of Scotland, and a variety of library music tracks with partner Herbie Clarke. Her most recent works for Minerva Scientifica include “AdaBab(ble)” for 5 acapella voices, and “Minerva Mathematica” for mixed voices, premiered at the Science Museum by electric voice theatre in London in 2015 & 2017 respectively. Details of works here


Frances has been working in schools, colleges, universities and communities throughout the world since the early 1980’s. Her main focus through many and diverse projects has been the voice as an instrument for personal expression, communication, social bonding and creative team work. She has organised and facilitated many major projects with her own companies – electric voice theatre and Big Mouth Piano Tales, and as an individual for many theatre, dance and opera companies and community groups. Details here